Apr 14, 2017

Bug reporter's, start here!


Edited: Apr 14, 2017

Not everything that looks like a bug is a bug! I'm mentioning this here because you'll discover things about the Unity graphics pipeline you wouldn't have known unless you've seen it through FragVis. You'll even encounter bugs in drivers that make it look like FragVis is malfunctioning.


It is very possible there are bugs in the FragVis tool, but, I've taken care to try to find them all before releasing. Still, I'm sure someone will find a bug, and that's why this forum exists :).


I'm making this post sticky and starting a list of known "issues" that occur in certain situations that look like a bug, but aren't.


Not a bug - list

- GridObject is drawing the same grid as GridWorld. This means the object is marked static and a lightmap has been baked onto it.

- GridObject grid glitches on some objects. This happens when more than one object is sharing the same material. I assume it has to do with dynamic batching so some meshes are being combined before they're sent off to the shader.

- GridObject grid acts like GridWorld. This happens when two animated objects share the same material. This means Animator animation, or physics controlled animation.

- Meshes are way out of whack for all the visualizers. This is because the game is using a custom shader to animate vertices/normals. I want to support these custom shaders, but if different people write these shaders in different ways, then I'm not sure how I can integrate it.


Bug - list

I'll add to this one as I collect them from your posts.

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    Looking to have a feature added? Post them all here. But first check out the list below to see if it hasn't already been requested. The feature request list will be maintained in this post. Feature requests that are reasonable, doable, and something everyone can benefit from will make it onto the list. Feature Request - list - None yet
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    Apr 14, 2017

    If you've made it this far it means you have FragVis and would like to help make it better! Provide any and all feedback in this forum. That means bug reports, feature requests, and user experiences of any kind.