Sound Reactor Standard is a tool that makes it easier than ever to make things in Unity react to sound. It is a versatile tool that is both modular and flexible. With it, you can create stunning visualizers by driving property values and triggering events in sync with Unity's AudioSource.

Key Features


  • Create stunning audio visualizers

  • Create simple rhythm games

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Check out Sound Reactor - Pro


  • Create stunning visualizers

  • Highly configurable

  • Generate spectrum from any audio channel that Unity supports

  • Easy to use Spectrum Builder

  • Property drivers that drive: color, position, rotation, scale, particle emitters, and physics forces

  • Event handler driver that can be customized to drive any property

  • React to beats

  • Modular design that makes it possible to integrate into any pro



  • Tested and works in Unity 5.5.0 to Unity 2019.2

  • Vector shapes don't work with the Scriptable Render Pipeline

  • Does not work with WebGL





Upgrade Notes