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Sound Reactor Pro is a tool that makes it easier than ever to make properties in Unity react to audio and MIDI events. Create stunning visualizers with the SpectrumBuilder, or make properties animate to audio or MIDI events.

Sound Reactor Pro introduces MIDI file playback. MIDI note events and their velocities are converted to a 128 note spectrum. This means precise control for up to 128 isolated frequencies that can be used to accurately control the value of properties.

Looking for something to create audio visualizers? Check out the Standard Version!

Can't make up your mind? See the Product Comparison page!



  • Create stunning audio visualizers

  • Create professional grade rhythm games

  • Create light sequences, color changes, camera changes...the list goes on!


  • All features included in Sound Reactor - Standard

  • MIDI file playback that converts notes and their velocities to a spectrum that properties and events can accurately react to

  • Custom MIDI event handlers can be written to handle events manually

  • Plays MIDI files in sync with audio files

MIDI Support

  • Supports MIDI type 0 and 1 files

  • Does not play sound*

  • Does not support MIDI synths or sound fonts

  • Does not communicate with MIDI devices

Please refer to the technical section of the manual for a more comprehensive list of supported MIDI features.



  • Third party MIDI sequencer to create MIDI files

  • Some programming experience when writing custom property drivers and MIDI event handlers


  • Third party MIDI to audio renderer***


  • Tested and works with Unity 5.5.0 to 2020.1

  • Vector shapes don't work with the Scriptable Render Pipeline

  • Audio spectrum visualizers don't work with WebGL, but audio playback along with MIDI file playback does.

* To hear audio with MIDI, a pre-rendered audio file must be played in sync with the MIDI​ using the included AudioMidiSync component, or other such custom component.

** The glow in these video are using the Post Processing Stack, which is not included with Sound Reactor.

*** Converts MIDI files to an audio file.






Upgrade Notes

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